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A reviewer from Birmingham, UK
May. 2, 2007
"Previous post remarked on not compatible with latest firmware, but the developers are working on this issue. Does everything it says on the box and more. The most veritile call management program out there. I've tried all the others, but this one is BRILLIANT. Think of any scenario of call management and the Chances are that this will be able to do it. Once you've understood how the call rules are applied, theres no looking back !!!!" A reviewer from Birmingham,United kingdom

Api. 28, 2007
"This Interactive Voice Response,will work for you and for your business,it work 100%,it is the best software for call management,it is all in one,plus voice mail. I love it,it is "my corporate telephony in my handy" easy to set up!"

Andrew from kenya, using nokia 6260
Jul. 14, 2006
"excellent piece of software. once configured, the rest id done. the sceduler is just fantastic, just schedule differen tprofiles for diferent times and let the soft do the rest."

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 IVCM for S60 3rd 5th
Eight responses for incoming callers
When an incoming voice or video callers are in a specific list or phonebook, there are possible eight methods to handle their calls.
  • Accept (don't handle)
  • Respond by personal IVR: Callers will hear your personal greeting to instruct them to press keys. Possible selections like leaving a message (answering machine), transferring their calls to other numbers or answering by yourself.
  • Send busy tone
  • Reject by SMS
  • Divert call to operator's voicemail system or other numbers
  • Record conversation WITH or WITHOUT BEEP (This can be applied to both incoming and outgoing callers)
  • Mute ringer
  • IVR or record: If you answered incoming calls by yourself within the delay time you set, call conversations will be recorded. Otherwise, IVR will answer these incoming calls.
Flexible, unlimited profiles
You can divide callers into at most seven groups, including five groups determined by phonebook or lists, a group for callers not in above lists and a group for private number. Then assign any response method above to any group. These combinations are called &profiles*. You can create unlimited profiles as you wish.  
Powerful weekly or daily scheduler
You can configure to activate any profile automatically at appointed time every day or every week. For example, Activating "Office" profile at 9:00am and "Off duty" profile at 7:00pm from Monday to Friday, them activating "Holiday" profile on Saturday and Sunday.  
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